Contest Rules

StockJocks' contests are governed by the following rules, in addition to our Terms of Use.


Unfilled Contests

If the contest is a guaranteed prize contest (look for "GPP" in the contest name), the contest will continue regardless if it fills before the enter by time or not. Non-guaranteed prize contests (those without "GPP" in the contest name), will close at the enter by time if the contest has not filled by then. At any time you may click the "i" symbol on the contest detail screen to see more contest information.



Player season starting prices are determined by their previous season statistical totals and averages. Player price changes are based on changes in their combined statistical averages from last season and this season. See below for a full list of statistics that effect player prices:







Blocked Shots


Two Pointers Made
Two Point Percentage

Three Pointers Made
Three Point Percentage

Free Throws Made
Free Throw Percentage



Passing Touchdowns

Passing Yards

Passing Completions

Passing Completion Percentage

Passing Interceptions

Receiving Touchdowns

Receiving Yards

Rushing Touchdowns

Rushing Yards

Punt Return Touchdowns

Kick Return Touchdowns

Fumbles Lost







Missed Shots


Blocked Shots

Faceoffs Won

Faceoff Percentage


Save Percentage

Goals Against

Goals Against Average







Home Runs

Runs Batted In


Batting Average




Stolen Bases

Caught Stealing

Pitching Hits

Pitching Singles

Pitching Doubles

Pitching Triples

Pitching Home Runs

Earned Run Average

Pitching Walks

Pitching Strikeouts

Pitching Hit By Pitch

Total Outs Pitched

Pitching Batting Average Against

Pitches Thrown Strikes Percentage


Postponed Games

If you have purchased any players who's game is postponed, you may sell that player and purchase a replacement player(s).


Suspended Games

If you have purchased any players who's game is suspended, you may sell that player and purchase a replacement player(s).


Traded Players

If any of your players get traded, you may sell that player and purchase a replacement player(s). Our player rosters are updated every night.


Doubleheader Games

Player performance from both doubleheader games will be counted by StockJocks.


Team Lineup

In each contest, users get the same amount of vitual StockJocks dollars to buy players with.


Reduced Performance or Outages

While we do our best to ensure the smooth functioning of StockJocks, our services may occasionally experience reduced performance or short outages, similar to any other online service. If you witness an issue with our services, please contact us and we will resolve it as soon as possible.


Cancelling Contests

In the rare occasion that a service outage impacts the accuracy and fairness of a contest, StockJocks reserves the right to cancel such a contest at our discretion.


Changes and Updates

Contest rules may be revised periodically, as this will be reflected by the "Last update posted" date above. Please revisit this page to stay aware of any changes. Your continued use of StockJocks constitutes your agreement with our Terms of Use.


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